At ICP we are confident that our business model is based on being able to offer our clients the most innovative solutions on the market.

Therefore, we are continuously working on the implementation of new repair processes to optimise our business and expand our portfolio of solutions.

Our permanent innovation also makes it possible to offer a particularly competitive range of services in terms of flexibility and adaptability to the real needs of our customers.


Samsung Knox is a solution that provides a powerful layer of security for business mobile devices. The Knox platform is the cornerstone of any comprehensive mobile device security strategy. Once the devices have been configured with this system, the IT administrators of the companies can carry out different actions to guarantee the security of the devices: block their use against any threat, enable browsing permissions, access the device by remote control, carry out configurations, etc.

ICP Tech Solutions has achieved Knox certification making it the only Repair Centre to hold this status. The certificate accredits the ICP team as qualified personnel to use and manage devices through this powerful tool.

Certified partner

Samsung KNOX

Rhode & Schwartz



CMW500 wideband radio communication tester and the latest generation R&S UPV audio analyser. Thanks to these tools, ICP can objectively assess, through established tests and algorithms, perceived audio quality

This equipment allows ICP to be ready to test radio communications in 5G terminals, reducing the bounce rate of the repair and, as a consequence, increasing end customer satisfaction.