Electric Scooters: Technology in Motion

Everything you need to know for maintenance and repair

One of the challenges facing large cities in terms of mobility is linked to reducing pollution. In a society that is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of sustainability in our daily lives, scooters have become an ecological and economical alternative, especially if we compare them to public or private transport.

They allow us to make short-haul journeys very quickly, with minimal environmental impact.

But just like any other vehicle, we must pay attention to their maintenance in order to avoid any incidents while we are using them on our regular journeys.

ICP Tech Solutions explains which points you should periodically check on your scooter.


The condition and charge of the battery will determine the range you can enjoy on your scooter. To extend the battery life, ICP Tech. Solutions advises you to never let the charge fall below 10%.


As with other vehicles, it is important to check your tyres regularly to ensure that they are always at the correct pressure to avoid punctures, especially if you use your scooter on uneven terrain such as dirt.


You must pay special attention to the brake pads. If you don’t normally drive aggressively and don’t brake hard, the pads should last a long time. However, with a simple visual inspection, you will be able to tell if the brake pads need to be replaced, as wear is evident.

Please note that it is very important that under no circumstances should brake pads be coated with oil or greasy substances. This affects the braking capacity and can completely nullify the braking function.


Whether your scooter has a belt or chain drive, it must be correctly tensioned for proper operation. Correct tensioning means leaving approximately 1 cm of play when moving the belt or chain.

Furthermore, belt drive systems need to be greased on a regular basis.

Cleaning the scooter components

Clean your scooter regularly to prevent dust from damaging the different components. It is very important that you do not use alcohol or abrasive products. Pressure washing is also not good for your scooter. Simply wipe with a damp cloth and mild soap.

Whatever your type of electric scooter, ICP Tech. Solutions recommends that you go to a specialised centre for maintenance and repair, where you are guaranteed a quality service, under the brand’s guarantee and with original spare parts.

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