ICP Logistics achieves Samsung Certification as a Direct Purchasing Partner

ICP, a leading logistics operator in Europe and leader in after-sales repair and management services, has obtained Samsung Authorised Mobile Business Partner accreditation.

Under this agreement, ICP will have all the advantages of having a direct purchase contract for Samsung’s product portfolio.

Why trust ICP?

Being part of the group of authorised partners of the Korean company, “allows us to offer our customers the best prices in the acquisition of Samsung devices, thereby ensuring the necessary competitiveness in the field of the product that joins the rest of the services that ICP offers, completing a consistent and forward-looking proposal” says Fernando Martin Cuadrado, Head of Purchasing of ICP Logistics.

In addition, ICP offers its customers its official Samsung technical service. The more than 250 technicians that make up the ICP Tech Solutions team have specific training in the Samsung product universe and are specialists in the repair and maintenance of all Samsung devices.

In this way, the ICP-Samsung alliance becomes the perfect 360º partnership to cover the complete flow of device purchases and official Samsung after-sales service, always guaranteeing repairs with original parts and without voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.