ICP Tech. Solutions: Cardio-Protected Company

ICP Tech. Solutions has joined the fight for heart health by implementing defibrillators in its logistics centres. The measure arises from the company’s commitment to ensure the safety of its employees and visitors.

In Spain, more than 25,000 cases of cardiac arrest occur every year outside healthcare centres, so it is extremely important for companies to be prepared for this.

The installation of AEDs (semi-automatic defibrillators) makes ICP a cardio-protected space, with the necessary equipment to assist a person in the first few minutes after a cardiac arrest. Thus, anyone can help in an emergency situation. In addition, 12 people from the ICP team have been chosen to be responsible for assistance. They have been thoroughly trained and will lead the action protocol in case it becomes necessary.

In compliance with regulations, ICP Logistics’ defibrillators are permanently connected to the emergency network, so that their use activates an emergency services response. The display case has an alarm that activates when the lid is opened and starts a series of action protocols.


Moreover, all employees have been informed internally and are also aware of the SAFE protocol. Likewise, they have been provided with instructions and guidelines for the correct performance of basic life support.

Thus, ICP Tech. Solutions goes one step further in its commitment to safety and health.