ICP Tech. Solutions celebrates 10 years of after-sales service

Under the slogan ‘Take technology to infinity’, ICP Tech. Solutions celebrates 10 years dedicated to the after-sales service of electronic devices.

Since its inception, the commitment of ICP Tech. Solutions has been linked to our customers, with the aim of offering them high value services around any type of electronic device, adapting to the needs and requirements of each one of them.

That is why this date is so important to us. It is time to look back, analyse and see how over the last 10 years we have maintained the essence of our corporate mission: to give after-sales management a distinctive strategic value. And we have achieved this thanks to a constant search for new services that make life easier for our customers, such as home repairs or remote repairs.

Rafael Lusarreta, CEO of ICP, takes a tour of the company’s 10-year history, highlighting that ‘the commitment we have to taking care of the environment is absolute, firm and solid. The circular economy and sustainability are part of our life’s philosophy and we want to contribute to promoting responsible and sustainable consumption. ’ It also points to the importance of teamwork ‘thanks to which we have evolved and grown as a company’.

And we would not have got this far without the team that makes up this great family that is ICP. It is people who make companies great. And at ICP we are fortunate to have a team of professionals whose commitment and dedication have taken the company to the top, making it the partner of choice for all those clients who have placed their trust in us.

10 years giving a second life to devices

There was little talk of sustainable development when ICP Tech Solutions was created to extend the useful life of electronic devices and thus contribute to the preservation and care of the environment.

The director of ICP Tech. Solutions, Tomás Antoranz, stresses that ‘over the years, we have been growing and expanding our services, always based on the idea of applying the circular economy in everything we do. This translates into a commitment on our part to keep the value of products, materials and resources in the economic flow for as long as possible. Our role in this paradigm is to close the life cycle by providing repair, refurbishment and reuse services.’