ICP Tech. Solutions, Equipped with the Latest 5G Technology

ICP Tech. Solutions, a leading after-sales repair and management services company, incorporates the latest technology for measuring audio and voice performance in its laboratories.

ICP Tech. Solutions has recently acquired the CMW500 wideband radio communication tester and the latest generation R&S UPV audio analyser. Thanks to these tools, ICP can objectively assess, through established tests and algorithms, perceived audio quality

To date, audio tests carried out in the current network of SATs are often not 100% reproducible, making audio problems the main cause of bounce repairs under the manufacturer’s warranty.


ICP Tech. Solutions was the first repair centre in Spain to use this cutting-edge technology. This new equipment allows ICP to be ready to test radio communications in 5G terminals, reducing the bounce rate of the repair and, as a consequence, increasing end customer satisfaction.

ICP Tech. Solutions is committed to research and the constant search for new technologies to tackle new challenges. Continuous improvement, the design and adaptation of tailor-made solutions and the constant search for improvements are the driving forces behind its growth and the key to its success.