ICP tech. Solutions Maximum Security in your After-Sales Service

The health crisis that has been unfolding in recent months has radically changed the way in which society conducts its business. Consumers and businesses are adopting new habits to comply with new measures to guarantee security in commercial relations.

And certainly in this new environment, the use of smartphones and electronic devices has skyrocketed, whether for remote working or to keep in touch with loved ones. With these facts in mind, the question on all our minds is, what happens if I experience a technical problem? Is it safe to go to a technical service?

Even though the end of lockdown is getting closer, we must continue to exercise extreme caution. In this sense, ICP Tech. Solutions has adapted all our repair and refurbishment services, so that users can manage any incident on their devices without putting their health at risk.

Remote Repair

Our remote repair service allows our technicians to perform a diagnosis of the device to verify that it is working properly. We determine the problem through a series of tests and, with the customer’s consent, we can remotely access the terminal and fix what is causing the problem. Installing applications, updating devices, configuring company email settings or preventive maintenance are some of the actions that our technical support is able to carry out without you having to leave your home.


Repairs under maximum security

Unfortunately, there are problems that ICP Tech. Solutions can’t fix remotely. If your screen is cracked or an internal component is damaged, the device will need to be inspected in our laboratory. In these cases, our logistics service will collect and deliver the equipment to the customer’s home, so that the customer does not have to go out on the street. To ensure maximum safety for customers and employees, we have implemented a ‘Zero Contact’ protocol, adopting measures to reduce interaction between couriers and customers.

And what happens once we receive the device to our laboratories? Each terminal, equipment and device that enters our facilities is disinfected with isopropyl alcohol, thus preventing it from being a source of contagion. Once disinfected, the technician, wearing ESD-approved gloves, handles the device and carries out the necessary repair and/or overhaul operations to ensure that it is working properly. Subsequently, the terminal is disinfected again with isopropyl alcohol and prepared for delivery to the customer.