The Evolution of 6G Networks

This chart shows the development of the range of different generations of wireless communication technologies and standards. From the already implemented 4G to what is to come in 6G. It shows the evolution of the different connection services that can be accessed, based on the evolution of these in terms of connectivity speed. Thanks to the evolution of wireless telecommunication networks, we have increasingly better access to content in the cloud, share all kinds of files and perform all kinds of activities remotely, with real-time information.

At ICP Tech. Solutions, we contribute to the quality of life and sustainability brought about by this technological advance. We perform all types of testing and hardware repair, peripherals, antennas and RF Network devices, both in mobile telephony and telecommunications infrastructure solutions. We extend the life of equipment, certify its viability through appropriate testing with manufacturers and, of course, offer our own customised remote repair services using these networks for our solutions. All this with the best guarantees and high quality standards.