Urban Mobility: Technology on the Move

Electric scooters have become commonplace in urban mobility. They are an environmentally friendly, sustainable and cheap alternative to public and private transport. In addition, increased environmental awareness, together with the growing popularity of using transport such as bicycles and personal mobility vehicles, means that these modes of transport have taken over the streets of the world’s major cities.

Urban mobility is not just about moving people around in motorised vehicles, but is intended to be easy, accessible and sustainable transport, and will be one of the keys to future “Smart Cities”. Cities around the world have jumped on the bandwagon of zero-emission transport to improve the planet’s pollution and traffic situation.

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There are more and more websites and specific apps for renting bicycles, unicycles and electric scooters, and there are even apps based on the collaborative economy, where you can use these modes of transport in the largest cities in the world for just a few cents per ride, and you can take them to and from specific locations where other users can hire them.

The benefits of these modes of urban transport are mainly cost savings and ease of use. They also have a social component, due to their sustainability, and an extra element of fun that makes them essential for all kinds of users.

At ICP Tech. Solutions, we have joined this circular and sustainable economy, where we manage to give a second life to all kinds of electronic devices, such as sound towers, headphones, smartphones, smartwatches and, of course, these new mobility devices (unicycles, electric scooters, etc.).

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Our value proposal is based on the fact that, in addition to being a repair centre approved by leading manufacturers, we are able to manage with the most advanced technology and services on the market, the advanced logistics solution that this kind of devices require, offering home pick-ups or at a point of convenience, and providing customers with real-time tracking of the entire process of repair and refurbishment of the devices.

On the other hand, at ICP Tech. Solutions, thanks to our commitment to technological innovation, we offer customisation services and maintenance solutions for mobility equipment that extend its life and enhance the performance that these devices offer to the user.

We are the leading strategic partner for businesses that need a fast, reliable and affordable repair service for any type of electronic device.

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