Circular Economy: New Life for your Devices

Preserving our environment, protecting nature, taking care of the environment and seeking a formula for sustainability is a responsibility that all companies must assume.

According to Ecoembes, each European consumes 14 tonnes of raw materials and generates another five tonnes of waste per year. It is therefore necessary to consider new models of production and consumption that allow us to reduce the waste we generate.

At Tech Solutions, the circular economy is part of our corporate philosophy, which is why we are committed to offering our customers a after-sales service that goes far beyond repairing devices.

The circular economy proposes a long-term strategy with the aim of reducing both the input of new materials and the production of waste, closing loops and the economic and ecological flows of resources. Our role in this chain is to contribute to this sustainable model through repair, refurbishment and reuse services. We believe that instead of promoting the idea of consuming and discarding, we should seek a second life for products by reusing or repairing them, or recycling them as a whole or in parts, in order to reduce the environmental impact.

When we talk about repairs or refurbishment, the first thing we think of is mobile phones or tablets. But at Tech Solutions, in addition to these types of devices, we have expanded our portfolio by incorporating small and large household appliances into our laboratory.

These types of products have specific characteristics that make them very different from other types of devices. For example, they are often bulky, on average have a longer shelf life, and also consume a greater amount of energy, and in some cases, water and other resources.

Because of these characteristics, household appliances tend to have a higher cost, and their operation affects not only the household finances but also the environmental footprint they leave on the planet. That is why the 3 R’s of the circular economy are of particular importance to us.


Reduce: New appliances must be brought up to standards that help to drastically reduce carbon emissions and environmental footprint, while establishing protocols for eliminating the most wasteful products on the market. Tech Solutions recommends that you check and pay attention to the maintenance of household appliances and repair them immediately in the event of a minor problem. Action is paramount in these cases to avoid more serious problems or excessive consumption of resources caused by the damage.

Reuse: The circular economy is changing the way we manufacture, as the future of each part is now taken into account, which is a major breakthrough. Manufacturers should ensure that appliances can be easily dismantled with tools commonly available in households. In addition, we recommend that any repairs be carried out by a professional team that has the original spare parts and all the necessary information and experience. This ensures that the appliance is in the best possible condition for subsequent reuse.

Recycle: For manufacturers, product design has become vitally important, as it must not only be efficient and meet business objectives, but also be made from materials that can be recycled to close said ecological loop. At Tech Solutions we are also committed to this mission and we take care of the replacement and recycling of household appliances and parts that are no longer usable.

In this way, we contribute to ensuring that products that can still be used are not discarded and, if they are, are recycled. In particular, at ICP Tech Solutions we are committed to repair and refurbishment, as in many cases the majority of problems are easily repairable by replacing the components that have been damaged, stressed or worn out.

Our objective is clear, to take technology to infinity, by involving our entire team, all our suppliers, and our partners in this initiative. We want to promote our life’s philosophy, of responsible and sustainable consumption, creating a better world.