ICP Tech Solutions, First Repair Centre in Spain with Samsung Knox Certification

ICP Tech. Solutions, a leading repair services and after-sales management company, obtains Knox certification, making it the only Repair Centre to hold this title. The certificate accredits the ICP team as qualified personnel to use and manage devices through this powerful tool.

What is Knox?

Knox is a platform with various modules, applications and services that aims to protect the hardware, software and data of users. This system, once implemented, provides security standards, which allows IT administrators to configure devices flexibly without compromising data security. It is designed for security officers and for use in the configuration of large enterprise mobile devices, and is located in the cloud, allowing for quick and instant access.

The platform has been developed by Samsung and aims to provide an extra layer of protection and security for mobile devices, regardless of whether they are Samsung or not. It ranges from deployment and configuration of devices to securing and managing them.

Knox Configure allows the ICP team to configure devices, as well as to customise or restrict some elements or functions of the devices. On the other hand, Knox Mobile Enrollment provides the option to automate the enrolment of devices to the company’s EMM. Through Knox Manage, groups and subgroups can be created to apply their own unique settings and characteristics. It also allows modifications in the main settings. In other words, a fleet of devices can be managed and fully controlled. Finally, Knox E-FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) allows control over updates and can even force updates to a given device without the need for human intervention.

ICP Tech. Solutions has the advantage of being a much more automated, secure and easily managed pre-sales service, in which not only is the device prepared for delivery, but it is also automated, with an unlimited number of devices, quickly and securely.

By allowing mass configuration, modification and software upgrades of large groups of phones, this results in greater control and therefore cost optimisation and reduction of security issues.

Moreover, its location in the cloud and the option of remote access make it even more interesting to use this tool.

Thus, ICP Tech. Solutions is committed to the continuous improvement of the value chain in all its services, providing a 360º solution that includes quality support for pre-sales, procurement, distribution and after-sales management.